A light serving of Kyiv culture and politics. (Cue laughter.)

Fall in Kyiv (photo entry)

I walked to the Botanical Gardens, a short stop from my house, at the end of October. “Woods” might be the more appropriate term for this collection of hills and leaf-covered paths. A perfect place for children to play, couples to find some quiet space for themselves, and old men to sit on a bench and reflect.

The entryway to the gardens at dusk.

A devochka dashes in front of my camera.

Sunset on a wooded path. The garden was full of couples strolling together.

This statue was erected in 1941. It's eerie to think that this archer's death throes matched those around him-- possibly the sculptor among them.

"...once an eagle, stricken with a dart,/ Said, when he saw the fashion of the shaft,/ 'With our own feathers, not by others' hands,/ Are we now smitten'." -Aeschylus

On my way back, I passed down Taras Shevchenko street (the one by the train ticket house, as opposed to the million other streets, parks, and squares named after the country’s national poet and hero).

A dedushka plays the accordion in one of many underground tunnels in the city. I imagine they help with crossing the street when the roads freeze over.

St. Volodimir's Cathedral, whose interior I included in an earlier post.

I am going to include an entry about my experience as a  election observer in Odessa during the country’s local elections this past Sunday. For the time being, just be grateful if you have access to an electronic ballot this Super Tuesday.


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